...feeling sick

i was appointed as a chair-person for the clinical and counseling presentation session in Berlin - which I decided not to attend unfortunately

i am struggling to polish my last 3 sections for Chapter 2

i feel sick about that particular proximity and dependency

i get fed-up of being the second forbidden person

with this type of mood i feel like staying in bed for hours and getting up only to hope that time is not moving


tangan kanan. mengendong seorang bayi lelaki
tangan kiri. menggenggam tangan ayah
ya. ayah yang setahun sudah pergi

berjalan kami
sekejap- sekejap ku genggam kedua tangan ayah
menuju sebuah meja panjang
menjual baju kurung siap terjahit
niat memilih sepasang untuk makcik sebagai hadiah menarik

pilih untukku sepasang kurung jarang berbunga merah hitam, dalam diam

plenty reasons to keep smiling

1. I finally sent Chapter 3 and 4 to Phil for editing
2. My paper with Prof. Ashiq is accepted for publication in a conference proceeding (with minor additional review required)
3. I've been working on the review the whole day and it is now ready to be submitted
4. Phil sent back his work, and wow it does not cost me much
5. I start reading Sarah's comments for Chapter 5
6. I have decided some dates for the GOR trip
7. I got preliminary grade for group counseling - its a Distinction!
8. I talk and write to my dear friends
9. I had one examiner agreed to read my thesis within the time frame
10. I asked Prof. Ashiq if he would consider replacing me in Berlin