happy birthday myself

January 19th (Adelaide, Australia)

Is always be the day I am waiting for
The day to see who care

Waking up in the morning and counting my blessing of warm wishes:

Fareen's marathon texts,Monica & 30+ Phd students attending Research Writing Class at Mawson Lakes (plus a surprise muddy cake); Bae'm, Mus'ab (via phone), Meena (the first text received on the 19th) Kak Ton, Kak Yana (nightgown), Kak Lin (bakeware), En Anuar (card & letter), Makcik, Kak Ina (via email), Ina, Shams & Jeanne (via Facebook); Nad, Aishah, Kak Ngah, Jiha, Haizir, Alin (card via blog), Loraine, Saif (via YM call), and Monica* paid a nice visit at nite.

Thats all for the day - I am still waiting for some others whom I know would be regret to miss this 19th.

* Happy birthday to a gorgeous sensational and lovely young girl*