not again...

…..And here it comes again.

When you think you start to like someone and open your heart to him, he suddenly takes on your role – playing hard to get and giving you “I’m busy with my work today and will only talk later, sorry dear” messages; one occasion after another.

And then you start to wonder – again.

* If you have made a wrong decision after a long consideration of every possible avenue that he is definitely into you and would not let you down and what more hurting you.

But that is exactly what he is now doing – hurting you.

And then immediately your systematic negative automatic thoughts run over places –

* Why you let yourself vulnerable and then hurt by a person that you have just thought of giving a little chance to be placed in your heart?

* Why the same foolish mistake?

And your negative thoughts wander further:

* That you are not good enough (and he only figures it out when you are about to say ya… I may consider you);

* That you are not that attractive anymore soon you give a sign that he may be accepted;

* That you are no longer interesting to be pursed;

* That you start to look needy;

* That suddenly he is not that into you!

And despite your desperate want to tell yourself that it is him…

You always come to an unconstructive conclusion that it could be you (until proven otherwise … or until a time come when you manage to get over him …)

…This is sucked!

* Truth is – you know nothing than playing hard to get; when the game turns around; you have a role no longer and eventually loose…