I always like this number
I looked at my diary and noted these

19 January - Being 33
19 February - Giving a first lecture MMed (Pediatrics)
19 March - Preparing for Stress Management talk in Permai Inn Terengganu
19 April - A day after meeting my future mother-in-law in Kuala Selangor
19 May - Poster accepted for presentation in NCHMS 2009
19 June - Two days before flying to Vienna, Austria
19 July - A week after 'been asked' for a hand (dirisik)
19 August - Giving a first lecture to MMed (Psychiatry)
19 September = 29 Ramadhan 1430 4-days before being engaged
19 October - Screening for HIV (not reactive, Alhamdulillah)
Today is exactly 2 months before my wedding InsyaAllah

May the rest of my life is in Allah's Blessing.