Court anxiety

I was prepared for an exciting day but then the call(s) from that whatsoever law firm has ruined it. I am 'forced' to appear in court in 5 days and a sapina will be forcefully sent to me by tomorrow.

I am anxious - then become defensive. I was not prepared for a court case when I first made a report for this guy last couple of months. The assessment was superficial and I had never attempted to link the results to the current conditioning as the lawyer want to claim. The report is limited and far from being an unreliable evidence. Why on earth I expose my credibility - unprepared?

I am angry. I told the lawyer right from the beginning that I am not going to the court. Kuantan is far, and I am not committed for anything. I was bluffed and I am not interested at doing more than what I did. I am made responsible unwillingly and I hate it when people take advantages on me.

I am blessed Alhamdulillah. I have so many people around me who are happy to listen and give me a piece of their mind (and time). Whilst I feel there is a person out there who is trying to play fool on me, Allah gives me the LOVE from many others. I am thankful to Allah who gives me MJB, MAT, HO, HI, MJY, MSP. They all show a genuine concerned - and I know that come directly from a pure loving heart. Alhamdulillah.

Face this challenge - I will win over this anxiety, InsyaAllah.