'Cerita Dongeng'

Once upon a time, there is a couple called A and D. A and D are attracted to each others' differences. The serious A is fascinated by the childlike simplicity and directness of D, so unlike the A's disciplined nature. In turn, D is drawn to A's self control and maturity, which is equally foreign to D.

Both enjoy hard work, but they approach it differently. A plans ahead, then labors slowly and systematically to reach its goal. D works with great intensity but in short spurts. A is a marathon runner, D is a sprinter.

A's ability to plan things out years in advance is beyond D. On the other hand, taking decisive, immediate action, which is second nature for D, is difficult for the deliberate A. Business relationship might work for these two if they can utilize their individual strengths. If D becomes impatient with A's plodding pace, however, tempers may flare. But A should just let the fiery D blow off steam; two hours later D won't even remember what caused the outburst.

It was said that both like to control things, so power is sure to be an issue with this couple. However, if they willing to share the reins, this can be a strong and long-lasting relationship.

                                                                  Sekadar gambar hiasan

p.s. Saya sebenarnya perlu menyiapkan satu lagi tugasan untuk 'Lecture Series' pada hari Selasa ini. 'Cerita Dongeng' ini membuat saya tersenyum sendiri - dan sekarang lebih berminat untuk meneruskan kerja hakiki yang tergendala tadi.


Fadzlin said...

Bukan nama sebenar ye. :D

Hussin said...

somehow your cerita dongeng reminds me of tomorrow's Israk & Mikraj ceramah at my masjid by a lecturer from UKM:

"Israk dan Mikraj - bukan sekadar cerita"

azizah said...

Alin, ye.. Sebenar bukan namanya :D

Along, agree.. "Israk dan Mikraj - lebih dari sebuah cerita"

Thanks for commenting (Ini boleh mendatangkan kecemburuan Kak Ina hehehehe)

nadiah said...

And they lived happily ever after..

azizah said...

Ehem Nad, part tu harapnya bukan dongeng... :-)

junaidi said...

boleh buat buku nih.. hehe.. komen seterusnye melalui sms.. :D