Tak Nak - why it fails to change smoking behavior

Very exhausted - mentally. Very much that my body starts to signal for a real break – not 15 minutes break for pray or quick meal. It has been 14 hours since I search and read and write and think about Health Policy & Ethics – Community Health Development - Promoting Behavior Change. While the latter is a familiar concept, the first two belong to Health rather than Clinical Psychology area. By default, I conduct and talk about an individually-tailored treatment program and health psychologist cares for the community-based prevention program. But who cares about that when you have only one clinical psychologist in the setting? Indeed it will be an exciting new teaching experience as I’ll supervise this seminar slot presenting by a Doctor of Public Health candidate. The School of Medical Sciences USM has just started its Professional Doctorate Program in Public Health this month. AP Halim Salleh – the Program Director advised me ‘don’t worry too much about the course objectives – let the students do all the work’. How couldn’t I? I’m struggling to re-learn the concepts and trying to relate those concepts to the national health/ behavior change short-lived campaigns and policies – like ‘Tak Nak' – you know what I mean. Plus, the candidates will be super senior medical doctors from KKM, who later I guess be called ‘Doctor Doctor so and so’ when they complete this doctorate program.

This is a yesterday's story.


Fadzlin said...

I wonder if the word "Tak" is a good word to use in a campaign. I think I read somewhere that human can't process the word "Jangan" so if there's a poster for example stating "Jangan Baca", people would still stop and read. Back in KUiTTHO the MPP and Desasiswa always used this tactic when posting notices. But it became real lame real fast. Poyo. :P

And that's another challenge. Coming out with a campaign yang tak poyo. Dan tak lopek.

azizah said...

I like the comment.

I guess it is not that we can't process the word "Jangan" or "Don't" but we selectively focus, give more attention, retain and later react to the 'action-oriented' words because usually the desired outcomes are 'behavior/ action' in nature i.e. Jangan pijak rumput, Jangan memotong sebelah kiri, Jangan bising, Jangan buang sampah di sini.

Instead of preventing a behavior here, we actually reinforce - by repeating it - apa lagi posting a notice - very big, consistent visual reinforcement at a very 'dedicated' place i.e. Ada banyak sampah ditempat 'Jangan buang sampah disini' compared to tempat yang tiada notis begini.

So, psychologists recommend a notice or instructions (especially to children) like this 'Sila guna laluan alternatif', 'Keep this place clean', 'Keep quiet', 'Main bola diluar', 'Kongsi mainan dengan adik, 'Habiskan nasi dipinggan'.

We need creative, influential, and positively oriented campaign!

A good ads on smoking in Australia:

Smoker: I'm sorry, I can't stop smoking now, I have many important things to focus on.

After a while, he got lung cancer and in need of urgent operation.

Surgeon: I'm sorry, I can't operate you now, I have many important patients to focus on.

Makan dalam...